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About The Program

Thriving Together

Achieving health and fitness results on your own can be hard. That’s why Samantha started Thrive 4 Life.

It’s your tribe of like-minded people that can provide inspiration, information and support.

Whether you’re looking to lose those last few centimetres around your tummy, hips and thighs or just want some motivation to lead a healthier and more energetic lifestyle – Thrive 4 Life is always there to support you.

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Hear from the Thrive For Life group members

Because we’re better together


Joining the Thrive 4 Life grants you access to an exclusive community that Sam uses to share and interact with members.

She’s in there on a daily basis sharing practical advice and the secrets to her own health and fitness success. She also offers support and encouragement to members and is there to answer their questions as they progress on their fitness journey.

It’s a safe and supportive environment where you’re able to ask questions, receive support, celebrate your successes and get help when you’re struggling (because no-one’s perfect and we all need a bit of a hand every now and again).

You can even join Sam’s rolling 16-Week Body Transformation Challenge!

Stop wishing and start achieving!


Once you join the Thrive 4 Life group you’ll start experiencing inspiration, advice and support on a personal level.

Along with your fellow teammates (although you can remain anonymous if you want to!), you’ll receive:

  • Group support and coaching to help you reach your health and fitness goals.
  • Your individual questions answered BY SAM in the forums.
  • Access to Sam’s Recipe of the Week to help you with your healthy meal repertoire.
  • Cooking videos with behind the scenes access to how Sam prepares her meals (with some sneaky extra recipes thrown in as well!).
  • Nutrition lessons – how to design your plate for success!
  • Exercise handy hints, tips and videos.
  • Fun monthly challenges.
  • Advice to keep your mindset on track (so self-sabotage doesn’t happen!).
  • Weekly live webinars on various important health & wellness topics.
  • The opportunity to enter Sam’s 16-Week Body Transformation Challenge (and be in the running to win some awesome prizes).