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Important Health Message!

Staying as healthy and active as possible is critically important all of the time - that's a message from me that will never ever change, whether there's a rampantly contagious virus about us or not.  However, nowadays there's a new added complication - and that's the isolation factor.  Now don't get me wrong, I think it's vital to halt the spread of any contagion, whether it will affect each individual seriously or not - it's simply a socially and economically responsible approach to the fellow humans we have no choice but to share this planet with. I have been asked many...

Global Group Challenge … With Prizes!!

You asked for it!  I’ve done it!  It’s a Global Group program where we get to work together as a team to get ourselves exceptionally healthy, feeling blissfully energetic and looking spectacularly fabulous! Now I’m advertising my first group program on my first newsletter for a reason – because I want you to have exclusive access to the first time I run a global group program!  I’m so excited to be kicking this off and would love to be having you all beside me as a community of people who are kicking off some awesome health together. This program is a little...