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Pete Snores No More!

It’s an absolute privilege to be involved in changing anyone’s health, but working with Hit92.9’s Pete Curulli has been an absolute high point for me – his infectious smile and laugh, his gorgeous outlook on life and his willingness to change his habits were an absolute joy to be around.  Pete and I were about to appear on a TV program together, we’d never met, and he was complaining to the makeup ladies that his wife kicked him out of bed because of his snoring … and after one quick look around I could see that he had a neck...

Work 1:1 With Me!

People ask what it’s really like to work with me as a Coach on a 1:1 level – and there’s probably only one way to describe it : “Life Changing”. Week one is the toughest mental challenge, as this week lays the foundation for some new habits whilst stripping away old habits that simply don’t serve you or your health – but don’t worry, it’s only challenging for the first week!  I’m in contact with you daily through our entire eight weeks, so don’t worry – I’ll carry you through the whole journey. Week two however, is when a whole lot of...