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Work 1:1 With Me!

People ask what it’s really like to work with me as a Coach on a 1:1 level – and there’s probably only one way to describe it : “Life Changing”.

Week one is the toughest mental challenge, as this week lays the foundation for some new habits whilst stripping away old habits that simply don’t serve you or your health – but don’t worry, it’s only challenging for the first week!  I’m in contact with you daily through our entire eight weeks, so don’t worry – I’ll carry you through the whole journey.

Week two however, is when a whole lot of new fun starts, as this is where we commence exercising!  I always say that week one stretches the willpower, but week two stretches the muscles!  At the beginning of Ignite Phase (because we’re igniting your metabolism!) you’ll still be working out six days per week … but don’t stress, it’s always for a maximum of only 45 minutes so there’s no need to be slogging it out in the gym for hours!

Besides, each program is bespoke, therefore you can work out at home, outdoors or in a gym, it’s always totally up to you!

And the food?  It’s simple.  No hours of meal prep.  No chicken, broccoli and brown rice and no ingredients that you can only order over the internet.  If you can’t buy your ingredients at an ordinary grocery store then it’s not on the menu.  The meals take around 20 minutes each to prepare, and the whole idea is to make them as quick, family friendly, easy and tasty as possible … and yes, you’ll be eating potato, rice, pasta and bread!

During the entire eight weeks we’re together and then beyond you’ll be eating five times a day – every three hours!  This balances your blood sugar and puts you in homeostasis, so your body does not store fat well and you have all day energy with no sugar cravings.  That’s not a miracle – it’s just how the human body is supposed to feel!

All the time we work intensely together I’ll be giving you recipes for your breakfast, lunch and dinner – in fact we don’t repeat a meal in the entire eight weeks!  No more spag bol every Tuesday!

Once we’ve set your metabolism racing and started to tone up a little muscle (don’t panic! I’m not turning you in to a Arnold Schwarzenegger lookalike … unless you want me to, that is!) what we want to do then is make eating normal, balanced food regularly and exercising effectively a sustainable lifestyle for you – sounds crazy simple, doesn’t it?  It is.  That’s where the last four weeks come in.  The first four weeks is where you’re on a steep learning curve with me.  The second four weeks is where I teach you how to keep going for life.  Because you’re not on a diet, or a ‘challenge’, this is an education where I set you up for a lifetime of feeling blissfully healthy in a body that makes you smile at yourself.

And after the eight weeks of intense 1:1?  Easy – we don’t lose touch.  I slot you in to a private coaching facebook group, reserved only for people who have done my intense education program – and you can stay there and receive weekly coaching and ask questions as long as you like.

Yes, you need to be the one to make the changes – sadly I can’t do that bit for you.  You need to do the exercise and implement what I’m teaching you.  But I’m with you every single step along the way.  1:1 contact, with a daily focus on you.  Education, support and motivation through daily SMS, frequent Facetime or Skype calls and the ability for you to contact me as many times a day as you need to, 24/7 – regardless of what timezone you’re in.

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