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What is ‘Health Food’??

Aaaah, the myth of healthy food!! Let’s start by busting that one right open – bodies are healthy, food is nutritious. Food is neither good, bad, healthy or unhealthy. Food doesn’t wear a cape and rescue old ladies from burning buildings, therefore ‘superfoods’ don’t exist. Food is simply just that. Food.

It’s interesting – the area between your nose and your chin is the only place on your entire body that cares what your food tastes and feels like. Once it’s been chewed up and it’s past that point all the rest of your body is interested in is the nutrient content. Protein, fat and carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals – that’s it. When you think about it that way, it’s really quite mechanical and technical isn’t it? And yet we’re somehow so emotionally invested in what we eat.

Of course flavour and texture is important … otherwise we wouldn’t have chocolate, right?! But the nutrient content is far more important. If we’re not eating the right balance of macro and micro nutrients we’re not fuelling our body, and if we’re not fuelling ourselves properly then our hormones are out of balance, our energy levels are poor and our resistance to disease is low – not ideal in anyone’s word.

Foods labelled ‘healthy’ are still just made up of the same micro and macro nutrients. Some have more sugar and saturated fat than they should. Some contain excellent nutrition – but that still doesn’t mean we should overdo that one item, it’s all a matter of harmony.

I’m looking forward to a world where ‘healthy’ myths are disregarded as the mis-information they are. There’s no such thing as health food. There’s only nutrients.

Think about it.