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The NEW Peak Physique Club!

Good news, it’s finally here!!!  The Peak Physique Club has arrived!!

If you have been wanting to be coached by me for your health transformation but the 1:1 Packages have been out of your reach (or a little scary!! haha!) then this is for you!

Over the last few months I have been madly putting EVERYTHING from my highly successful Brave of Heart 1:1 Coaching Package into an easy to understand, weekly module delivery program – complete with workbooks, how-to sheets, tools, hacks, and videos containing the exact same tools and teachings as my personalised coaching program … but that’s not all!   I just can’t bring myself to make this a ‘set and forget’ online program where you’re on your own for eight weeks, no no no!  I’m doing LIVE & INTERACTIVE WEEKLY WEBINARS, so you still get full live access to ME!  Woohooo!!!   I have also developed a Member Zone, where if you have questions you can pop your queries in there and I’ll answer them for you … and yes, it’s me – I don’t have a team of people doing my work for me, you get the real ME.

So what else do you get in The Peak Physique Club?  You learn how to meal plan in portions that are right for YOU, you learn how to achieve the physique, energy and vitality that you want, you learn how to get on top of any habits that haven’t served you well in the past, and you learn how to be successful in transforming your health and physique – for the long term!  Just think about it, you’ll never EVER go on another diet again!  Along with mastering how to eat so your body is nourished and energised instead of depleted, you’ll also receive exercise programs and instruction videos – and don’t worry, there’s an exercise program for all levels and no expensive equipment is required!

So come and join with me in the Peak Physique Club – you might originally join for the weight loss, but you’ll be walking away with so much more after our eight weeks together.  All the tools, trackers, workbooks and exercise programs & videos are fully downloadable, so they’re yours to keep and refer back to forever.   And the cost?  That’s easy – if you’re in Australia it’s just two monthly payments of $99.  There’s equivalent prices in different currencies on the site if you’re somewhere else, but it’s all the same Peak Physique Club no matter where you join from.  You can join at any time you like – it’s always ready for you to start.

And afterwards?  There’s still a lifetime of support in my private Facebook group – reserved only for people who have worked with me in one of my programs and yours free, for as long as you choose to stay in there with me!

Ready to get your Peak Physique on?  Excellent – join me here :