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Sam’s Day!

I get asked a lot about what I eat, and how I use food to stay in shape – particularly after nursing a nasty shoulder injury that has prevented me from training at the level I’m used to.

I start my day early every morning – the first thing I like to do every morning is go for a 5km walk at 5am with the love of my life, my husband. We drink a black coffee in our travel mugs whilst we enjoy the first light of the early morning, watch the sun rise, and just spend the time talking before getting home for breakfast.

Breakfast is usually something quick and easy – it’s important to me to keep our nutrition in focus even though we’re quite time poor, so most days it’s either two eggs on a piece of toasted home-made bread or oats with some chopped nuts and raspberries. What ever we have, it’s balanced with protein, fat and carbs, or as I call it ‘PFC’.

Lunch and dinner are pretty much the same, as to save time but still make sure I’m eating right I always make two extra serves of dinner at night – and that’s our lunch the next day. It’s always a portion of either chicken, steak or fish with either rice or potato for carb and some olive oil or avocado for good fats. What ever it is, it’s always tasty – boring meat & veg is pretty unsustainable, so I like to make sure our food is always something I look forward to eating.

To keep my blood sugar balanced I have good quality shakes between meals – that way I’m eating five times a day, every three hours and my food prep time is minimal. My energy is constant, my body is in homeostasis, I’m able to build a little muscle and I’m not storing fat – happy days!!

At around 8:30pm every night we finish our day off at the gym – three high intensity cardio days and three weights days in between. And no, exercise before bed doesn’t hype us up and stop us from sleeping! The nice warm shower afterwards helps us relax and sleep like babies.

A day like ours takes a little while to make it an easy routine … but the benefits are seriously worth it!