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Pete Snores No More!

It’s an absolute privilege to be involved in changing anyone’s health, but working with Hit92.9’s Pete Curulli has been an absolute high point for me – his infectious smile and laugh, his gorgeous outlook on life and his willingness to change his habits were an absolute joy to be around.  Pete and I were about to appear on a TV program together, we’d never met, and he was complaining to the makeup ladies that his wife kicked him out of bed because of his snoring … and after one quick look around I could see that he had a neck circumference that could be a contributing to the problem.

Pete and I had a quick chat that day, with a longer talk over coffee two days later before getting to work on his health – and to his absolute credit, Pete did every single thing I asked of him, even when his work colleagues threw the temptation of delicious gourmet food under his nose, he stood strong and didn’t give in!  Pete ate every three hours, even with a spectacularly busy schedule, and fitted his workouts in every day … and in three weeks his snoring started to subside, along with his waistline!

To quote Pete, “You’ve changed my life, Coach”.

In eight weeks, Pete’s neck circumference reduced by 4.5cm (nearly 2 inches), his waist reduced by 15cm (6 inches) and he said goodbye to 13kg (28.5lbs).  He’s fitter, stronger and healthier than he was in his early 20’s and has energy that lasts all day long … oh, and only gets kicked out of bed to make the coffee nowdays!