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No Time to Exercise?

So you think you’re too busy to exercise, huh? Guess again!!

In a world that glorifies ‘busy’ it seems it has become the norm to say that we’d love to exercise, but we’re just too busy to find the time. My answer to that? Rubbish!

In just 20 minutes a day you can rip out a terrific high intensity interval cardio session – with or without resistance involved, and get yourself some amazing results. When you do a hard and fast give it all you’ve got and leave nothing on the table exercise session, you produce EPOC, or excess post oxygen consumption – which turns your body in to a fat burning machine long after you have finished exercising.

This 20 minutes a day can involve thigs like burpees, pushups, static bike, an exercise dvd or youtube video, or some simple sprints in your back yard – it doesn’t have to be fancy schmancy or involve a gym or any other equipment … and neither does it have to eat up a lot of your time. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can gain some results in just 20 minutes a day.

Do something that gets your heart rate up – even if it’s just a brisk walk before dinner at night. Try a little exercise on your lunchbreak (you could even get your colleagues involved!), try a walking meeting instead of sitting at a desk having a chat, or even – like I do, get up early and get it done before your brain realises what you’re up to!

Your body will love you, thank you, and serve you well if you move it every day. Honestly, it doesn’t take much.