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Move With Me!!

Right now in Australia there’s millions of people in a hard lockdown – I am not one of them but my heart goes out to those impacted.  I’m not going to make any commentary on the politics of lockdowns, however I will make one public statement – and that is that when it comes to immunity (against anything!) a person’s general state of health is ALWAYS their first and finest form of defence.

You CAN exercise in lockdown, at the time of writing this in both Sydney and Melbourne you can leave your home in a 5km radius to exercise – so please do so!  Now I’m not asking you to break any government requirements, but I am imploring you to take radical responsibility for your health – and part of that is doing what you can to get some daily activity under your belt!  I run 5km (at least) every day … so why don’t you do it with me?  And when I say ‘run’ – you don’t have to be an expert runner.  It doesn’t matter if you run, scoot on a scooter, walk, push a pram, jog, skip, interpretive dance or crawl – or a mixture of everything! Just wherever you can, get out and move for 5km a day.  Look out for my stories on Instagram, I’ll be hashtagging #5kWithSJ so join in the movement with me there and have some fun.  It’ll do you the world of good, I promise!

I do like to keep things realistic … so if doing 5km is not possible for you for any reason, you can still move that glorious body of yours.  There’s at home exercises on my facebook page that I did during Australia’s first lockdown last year, or there’s a truckload of exercise videos on youtube for free that you can do with little to no equipment, or maybe put some music on and dance like nobody is watching – on your own, with your kids, doesn’t matter!  Bust out some squats, pushups and triceps dips in the adverts of your favourite TV show – just MOVE!

If you are in lockdown please please please eat as well as you can.  If all you can get your hands on are frozen vegetables, that’s fine!  Pair those frozen veggies with a piece of fish taken straight out of a freezer box (preferably without the batter!) and you’ve still got yourself a more nutritious meal than a takeaway burger that’s laden with salt and fat.  If you’re going to nosh on some previously stockpiled pasta or rice, then please have adequate protein with it – some mince and a tin of tomatoes (and the aforementioned frozen veggies if you want to get a bit fancy!) will be perfect!  Eating carbs without protein upsets your blood sugar balance, so if you can and keep the two even and you’re doing well.  And watch your portions too, no need to overeat – it’ll just make you feel bloated and blergh, and right now nobody needs that!


Do it for your physical health, your mental health, and because you’re worthy of your best.