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Important Health Message!

Staying as healthy and active as possible is critically important all of the time – that’s a message from me that will never ever change, whether there’s a rampantly contagious virus about us or not.  However, nowadays there’s a new added complication – and that’s the isolation factor.  Now don’t get me wrong, I think it’s vital to halt the spread of any contagion, whether it will affect each individual seriously or not – it’s simply a socially and economically responsible approach to the fellow humans we have no choice but to share this planet with.

I have been asked many times about my advice, and so it would be remiss of me not to include my recommendations here.

So firstly, and most critically – follow the World Health Organisation’s recommendations for infection control.  Strictly.

  1. Stay at home if you are unwell.
  2. Avoid touching your face, nose and mouth.
  3. Stay 1.5m away from other people
  4. Cover coughs and sneezes (sneeze like Batman in to your elbow!)
  5. Wash your hands properly and regularly.

Easy.  We should all be doing these things all the time anyway!  But we’re not always isolated – so what do we do there?

Simple – the best we can!  Here’s my advice whilst we’re all practicing good social distancing –

  1. Start getting creative and socialise over platforms like Facetime, Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp video call.  Organise with friends to all grab a cuppa at the same time in your loungeroom and have a virtual hangout.  Teach your grandparents how to use these platforms so they can still see you chat with you. There’s no need to be a hermit, we’re humans and we still need to interact for our own mental health – you never know who might just need a friendly face and an ear to listen.
  2. Get enough sleep – don’t underestimate the restorative properties of adequate sleep!  You can manage your stress better if you’re rested, your mind is clearer and your body functions well when you’re not on the edge of tiredness all the time.  Use this time wisely to catch up on some zzz’s!
  3. Eat as well as you can.  I’m a big fan of doing the best you can with what you are able to afford and what is available to you.  If the best you can do is some frozen veggies, a baked potato and a plain steak then do it – it’s actually a very nutritious meal!  If your best is a couple of eggs on a piece of toast then do it – there’s protein, fat and carbs (and vitamins, minerals and fibre!) right there.  You don’t need ‘superfoods’ right now, it’s time for all the fads to go out the window – get back to basics with your meat and veggies because that’s exactly what your body needs to be in optimal health right now.  Add some citrus fruit in there for some vitamin C and you’re doing brilliantly.
  4. Move your body.  Even though we’re all pretty much ‘stuck’ indoors right now, you can still move. You can rock a great workout in your backyard, or if you’re in an apartment then go to town in your lounge room.  Put some music on and dance.  Get some resistance bands and rock out some squats and shoulder presses.  Or, tune in to my facebook and instagram every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the next four weeks and join me exercising in my lounge room for free – I’ll set the example here.

And yes, you read that last point right – I’ll be doing mini workouts in my lounge that you can join in on from the 23rd of March.  They’ll be a bit of fun, but we’ll get moving!

Stay healthy everyone, let’s just all do the best we can with what we have.  And don’t forget to check in on your neighbours, friends and relatives – even if it’s a phone call, someone might really want to hear your voice right now.