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How Valuable is Your Car?

When I’m giving a speech to a large audience, I quite often assimilate health to looking after a car – we spend thousands of dollars on a car, have it serviced regularly, change the oil, rotate the tyres, put the best possible fuel in it to enable it to get us where we want to go and we keep it clean both inside and out. Why? Because our cars are an investment, aren’t they? We paid for them, and the replacement value is high – but even more than that it’s just a downright inconvenience when it breaks down isn’t it? Can you imagine doing without your car for a few days? No way!!

Now think about your body. What’s the replacement value on it? A few thousand? A few hundred thousand? A couple of million? Can you actually put a value on the body you live in? It’s not like you can go and buy another one, is it? Our bodies are the most valuable things we own, and yet so often we put rubbish fuel in it, let the interior get all rusty and the exterior get soft & pudgy and we’re lucky if the seats get a wipe occasionally! But we still expect our ‘living vehicle’ to get us around all the places we want to go during the day, regardless of if the fuel tank is full or empty, or even has the right fuel in it.

Consider what would happen if you put soft-drink in your car’s petrol tank – how far would it get you? It shouldn’t be a surprise that our bodies run on the same concept. We can’t expect to be energetic and full of vitality without the right fuel, maintenance, and care.

Don’t just leave that level of care for your car. Your body is the only place you’re ever going to live – it’s far more worth the cost of your time and effort than your car is. Trust me.