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Global Group Challenge … With Prizes!!

You asked for it!  I’ve done it!  It’s a Global Group program where we get to work together as a team to get ourselves exceptionally healthy, feeling blissfully energetic and looking spectacularly fabulous!

Now I’m advertising my first group program on my first newsletter for a reason – because I want you to have exclusive access to the first time I run a global group program!  I’m so excited to be kicking this off and would love to be having you all beside me as a community of people who are kicking off some awesome health together.

This program is a little different to my usual 1:1 deal – for a start it’s twice the length!  It’s 16 glorious weeks of support and coaching, help with planning your meals and an app for your exercise!  Because this is so new, I’m not going to put too many details here … but in usual Sam style I do want to talk to you before you head into the challenge! I’m going to be running live webinar information calls in different time zones, so there’ll be one to suit you where ever you are in the world – there will be one on a local timezone for you over the next week so we can all get all the information we need to get ourselves ready to start on the first of April.  We start and finish as a team – nobody gets left behind.

If you’re shy on a webinar that’s fine – you can absolutely register anonymously.  All you need to do to get the link is choose your timezone and register here and an email will automatically be sent to you with all the information you need.

16 weeks to a healthier you, in a community of men and women who share a common goal. You’ll be receiving daily group guidance and nutrition advice (general advice only though folks – it is a group setting so I can’t get too personal!), exercise tips, motivation, encouragement and support from me – along with an app for your exercise … and the possibility to win some pretty awesome prizes at the end – did I mention the prizes???  We’re talking about some serious bucks possibly coming your way if you’re a finalist with your transformation – but everybody who completes the 16 weeks gets a sweet little gift voucher for $200.  Yep, you read that right.

What are you waiting for?  Register for a live webinar now (yes, you can ask me questions as we go, the webinars will be live and interactive!) so we can kick off 16 weeks to a healthy, vibrant, awesome you.