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Can What You Eat Improve Mental Health?

In a word … YES!!

If you’ve been reading along with me in any media (socials, mainstream, speaking etc) you’ll know that I teach that some foods will energise you and some will zap the energy right out of you.

Highly refined, processed foods spike your blood sugar and make you feel sluggish and slow, tired and head fuzzy. Some foods make you feel really uncomfortable and bloated and therefore rob you of quality sleep, making you feel tired and lethargic all day.

Veggies, fruits, lean meats and wholegrains tend to give you energy – long term, sustainable all day energy. You’re more likely to be mentally clear, full of vitality and the joys of life – you’re unstoppable.

Now, given that you could feel one way or the other on a physical level, what do you think each way would do for your mental health? If you’re tired and lethargic, what would your mental state be? There’s only so long that you’d be able to put up with the frustration of feeling that way before it brought your mood right down.

If your body is clear, alert and energetic then chances are that mood is translated to your mental health also. It would be extremely unlikely that your mind would be sharp, clear and happy when your body feels shattered and tired. Okay, sure – it happens sometimes and you just gotta get through your day like that … but can you imagine feeling that way every day? It would be insufferable.

I fully admit, I’ve very much downplayed the link between physical and mental health in order to write a blog that isn’t outrageously long. But we still know that it exists – the mind and body are intrinsically linked.

So next time you think it’s absolutely fine to have that poor food choice for lunch when you’re at work … think again. Please. Your mind and body will love you for it.