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Ditch the Dad Bod

We all know what a Dad Bod looks like – men with moobs, blokes with bellies, dudes with dunlops, the Bruce that needs a spruce.

Even though many guys talk about their spare tyre like it’s their pride and joy, it’s actually really dangerous – if a man’s waist circumference is over 100cm’s we know that there’s more toxic fat sitting around his internal organs than is good for him, and his health is at risk. (incidentally, for a lady that’s reduced to 90cm’s). This type of fat isn’t like the subcutaneous fat, the one that sits just under the skin. It’s toxic and nasty. It secretes hormones, is metabolically active, and large amounts of it is linked to increased risk of terrible diseases like some cancers, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke and all sort of horrors that nobody wants heading in their direction.

Teaching people about this fat is one of my passions, it’s just not talked about enough in health circles and it’s vital for people’s health that they know about it. Diseases like diabetes type II are largely preventable, and yet so many men and women are suffering unnecessarily – it’s almost criminal in my eyes.

So how do you prevent the accumulation of visceral adipose? (that’s the fancy name for the toxic fat). There’s really only three things that will make it build up – and that’s added sugar, saturated fat and alcohol, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly it stacks up!

If you do find that your waist circumference is over the acceptable range, don’t panic – just like it stacks up really fast, it also reduces quickly too. Cut the sugar, fat and alcohol right down and it will go down quite rapidly. Make sure your portion control is in check, and move your body to increase your heart rate and build a little muscle and you’re taking giant leaps in the right direction to ditch the belly and reduce the toxic fat.

And I don’t mean to be the fun police here … a little sugar, fat and booze is fine – once you’ve got your waist circumference under control.

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