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Carbs are ENERGY not the ENEMY!

You’ll hear me raving on about carbs when ever I speak either to a conference audience, in the mainstream media or in my socials.

I love converting people from ‘carb sceptic’ to ‘carb chompers’, it’s amazing how liberated people feel knowing that they can eat their favourite carbohydrates and lose any semblance of guilt over it – especially after years of dodging them like the plague.

Okay, so lets get some nerdy facts going here – firstly, the only fuel that your brain can use is glucose. If you’re not going to eat enough glucose then your body will pull it from ‘storage’ to feed your brain – and by storage, I mean your muscle mass. That’s right – you lose muscle … and with muscle mass being a large determination of your metabolic rate, that’s the last thing anybody wants to happen!

Eating a balance of simple and complex carbs is important – too much of the simple carbs and your blood sugar will spike and you’ll never feel full. Too much of the complex stuff and you’ll be bloated, sluggish and slow.

Incorporating carbohydrates in to your nutrition is important. Your body needs protein, fat and carbohydrates (both simple and complex) to keep your system in harmony and create homeostasis – enabling your body to build a little muscle and stop storing excess fat.

If you think eating carbs will make you ‘fat’, it’s time to think again – eating too much of anything will make your body store excess fat. Just don’t forget that carbohydrate is an energy source, so if you eat carbs you should be doing some activity to help you expend that energy. So can you eat pasta before bed? Sure – as long as you have an active bed life!!