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An accomplished and experienced speaker, Samantha inspires audiences to think differently with her unique way of blending humour with education and motivation.

Having shared the stage with greats like Allan Pease, Sam is completely at ease with both large and small audiences. A regular Conference Keynote speaker, Sam delivers talks on topics such as Healthy Mind Healthy Body, Your Optimal Wellness, and Defining Health as well as running Corporate Breakout days and workshops on general wellness, nutrition and physical and mental fitness.

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Sam brings a unique, fresh approach to a Keynote or Workshop

She doesn’t refer to herself as a motivational speaker (there’s too many of those already!), however she prides herself on leaving the audience thinking very differently to when they first walked in.

Sam inspires, educates and empowers your audience with her blend of information, humour and experience and has a style that makes your audience lean in to listen. Sam is fluidly conversant in a range of topics, from Lean and Six Sigma process design, corporate culture, bravery in adversity and of course, health and wellness.

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Sam is friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and works so hard to make sure you get your health goals. Yep, she’s tough – but it’s because she’s invested in your success. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to how I was before, this is my new life now! I’m 17cm’s down on my waist and loving every minute of it!


Coach Sam is a genius. I don’t know how she does it, but I’m eating a lot of food and I’m working out and my muscles are growing and my body fat is reducing. Enough said really.


Since working with Sam my whole health profile has changed. I get up in the morning and I’m energetic. I’m not reliant on coffee at 3pm and I have the mental clarity of my younger self! In fact, I feel younger and fitter all over. Oh, and I have lost 15cm from my waist too – bonus!


What can I say, Sam – you’re my hero. I had tried everything and anything to get rid of my big belly and then pow – you smashed it in eight short weeks. The food is great, the exercise makes me feel alive and my energy levels are through the roof. As you say, no diets here – just the best lifestyle that has lead to my best health. 18cm’s down from my waist and counting!