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For as long as Samantha Jackson can remember, she has been passionate about health. From taking five dance classes a week as a child and being an aerobics junkie in the 80’s (who wasn’t?) right through to today where Sam starts her day at 5am to exercise – rain, hail or shine!

All throughout Sam’s Corporate Management days, she was always the one implementing healthy eating initiatives and collaborating with places like ECU to provide movement programs for sedentary staff, and preferred helping people to be the best and healthiest version of themselves to running massive companies!

Not only does Sam coach her clients to thrive in their vitality, Sam’s passion for health sees her embody a healthy life herself, living the example she sets for others.

On the stage as a Keynote Speaker, Sam’s favourite subject to talk about is health and wellness – bringing her unique blend of humour, education and a thought provoking approach that leaves her audience thinking differently about the way they treat their own health.

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Sam hasn’t always worked in health – in fact, she comes from an extensive corporate background and has held CEO, COO and Executive & General Management positions in major Australian national and international companies. Health has always been her highest priority though, especially after facing a life-threatening illness at the tender age of 15. Surviving against the odds, Sam’s regime of taking care of her health went from being a necessity to a passion!

When finding time to work out became difficult in her corporate roles, Sam even engaged a PT to train her every lunchtime in the gym across from her office … and was soon was inspiring her staff and peers to join her in exercising and tidying up their eating habits! Realistically, it was only a matter of time before Sam became the CEO of a progressive health company in Perth and actually worked in the field she was so passionate about.

Before too long, Sam realised that she was becoming more interested in the roles of the exercise physiologists and nutritionists than her own role … and so turned her back on the corporate world forever and began her studies to enter the arena of health, nutrition and fitness.

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Sam loves tasty food, and assumes everyone else does too! Just because we eat nutritious food that fuels our bodies it never ever needs to be boring, and it shouldn’t feel like a restrictive ‘diet’. Sam knows that most people either don’t actually eat enough, or don’t eat the building blocks of nutrition in balance with each other – which is why ‘diets’ fail and people get disheartened and most give up or go on to the next new fad diet on the market.

Sam’s areas of specialty are reducing toxic belly fat and balancing the blood sugar to optimise body composition. Anyone can lose ‘weight’, that’s easy, but the REAL results come when a person loses body fat whilst at the same time protecting and building lean muscle – yes, even the ladies need a little bit of tone! Sam’s unique, common sense approach reprograms the metabolism, creates a massive amount of natural energy and shifts a person’s health to the next level. When she combines balancing blood sugar levels, building muscle and reducing visceral (toxic) fat, it not only creates an amazing body shape and incredible energy but also reduces the risks of diseases such as certain cancers, type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Think you’re going to be hungry? Think again – Sam is very strict on eating every three hours to fuel your body for energy and blood sugar balance, most people are surprised about how much food they get to eat … and still achieve amazing results!

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